Friday, January 4, 2008


  • Love is the only thing that increases when we share it with others.-----------Ricarda Huch
  • Love him who reviles you.
  • When in love, we face some physical pain, because, except love, at that time, we could not give time to anything else, time to mitigate our physical pain.
  • This world is need of those whose life is one burning love, whose life is one selfless.
  • Love for all alike: - If this world calls it wrong, then to hell with this world!
  • Love is the law of life………………………

Even if he is going to kill me after one hour, I must love him till my death………………..And if I will get a chance to love after my murder, I’ll still love that person who has murdered me.

  • Love makes you younger and younger and younger.
  • When you are in love, new joy, new life, new ideas come to you.
  • Do not show-up infinite love. Let your action and works, work for love and service.
  • I fear love most, because if it comes in my heart, it’s hard for anything else to come in between us.
  • If someone loves you, it is his/her fortune, because love has come to his/her heart.
  • Don’t fear! Just fall in love!! I know you fear about the pain which you’ll bear for separation from you beloved, but doesn’t matter, just fall in love.
  • Don’t worry. Love is not just for a day! You could love so long as you live.

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