Friday, January 4, 2008


  • Knowledge is power. If knowledge comes all things comes of itself. Work for knowledge, first. Because ignorance is the cause of all misery.
  • Every knowledge is holy.
  • You never know which information and which knowledge can be the greatest help to you. Therefore worship all knowledge.
  • Knowledge is infinite and eternal.
  • When you truly gain knowledge, you get confidence, you get confidence because you know, you’re qualified, and ready to work.
  • Little knowledge is not always dangerous.
  • It is knowledge which gives satisfaction and contentment. It is knowledge which gives fulfillment. It is through knowledge you win over your enemy.
  • It is knowledge which brings smile on your face; it is knowledge which saves you.
  • When perfect knowledge comes, love proceeds.
  • The more knowledge, the better. But indigestion is bad and dangerous for health and life.
  • The road to knowledge and education is a rough and thorny road. Many pain and sacrifice are to be made in order to gain knowledge.
  • We always have some keys to the sources of knowledge, and these are: - ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘who’, ‘what’, etc.
  • Knowledge comes out form pure heart, through feeling.
  • All knowledge exists in all of us in all its fullness. Look at the tiny lobster which has made a hole on the sea-shore. Who has taught them to make such hole! This knowledge is in their instinct.
  • Don’t judge any book from its age. Bible is so old, yet see how billions and billions of people love it and worship it.
  • Don’t resist the flow of knowledge from within, just because of your idleness to tap it and record it.
  • Inside all of us there is the fountain of all knowledge.

Hence have faith in man. Have faith that they’ll realise.

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